IT Services



On-site assistance for Orlando, FL only. We're able to provide you with services that range from hardware installation, computer setup, standard hard drive cloning and replacement, software installation/uninstallation, PC speed, and other troubleshooting needs. We're also able to set up your stage for content creation, smart TV setup, and wiring.

Product consulting, and video/audio editing are also available.

  • $25/hour (Minimum 4 hours. Will charge for 2 hours if done in 2 hours or less; 8 hours max per day) - IT Assistance

  • Free product recommendations for existing customers (or $25 for a breakdown of why a product was recommended over another) | $10 product recommendations for random inquiries (or $35 for a breakdown of why a product was recommended over another)

Odds & Ends: I've found that 6 out of 10 customers get curious as to what else I could assist them with. I understand that some individuals are disabled, too busy, or just can't figure something out so feel free to ask. If I have the time available and I'm able to assist, I'll help. Inquiries after the fact may have to wait until the next business day in order to assist. This would be included in the $25/hourly rate.

Odds & Ends done in the past include (but are not limited to), solar light installation, security camera system installation, connecting game controllers to cellphones, door knob installation, refrigerator water filter replacement, moving items, setting up bedframes, TV device remote replacement setup (i.e. replacing a broken Roku remote), wooden table/chair reinforcement, car Bluetooth setup for older vehicles.

I require advanced notice if anything needs something transported to Goodwill moving forward (this allows me to prepare room in my vehicle):

  • In vehicle $25 for transport

  • On vehicle $50 for transport

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